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On-Farm Poultry Processing Training

Consumer interest in locally raised pastured poultry is high, and many small-scale farmers are working to meet this demand. One challenge these farmers encounter is that there are no federally-inspected slaughterhouses in NY and state-inspected plants are few and far between. So most small commercial producers take advantage of federal legislation allowing producers raising less than 1,000 chickens/year (or less than 250 turkeys) to sell poultry they raise, slaughter and process on their own farm in uninspected facilities. The next problem the small-scale poultry processor faces is getting farm insurance coverage, particularly product liability insurance.

Cooperative Extension of Allegany County provides the required training to meet the needs for small-scale producers. By providing a workshop with hands-on training in the processing of birds and demonstration of proper technique for dressing poultry along with a review requirements for selling poultry under 1000 bird exemption in NYS.

Workshop participants will learn to recognize diseases of public health concern, take basic biosecurity measures, write and implement basic Standard Sanitary Operating Procedures, develop Good Manufacturing Practices and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point plans, and properly dispose of offal and waste water.

Includes lunch for 2 participants per farm and 1 packet of materials. For more information or to preregister contact Lynn Bliven (585) 268-7644 ext. 18 or email lao3@cornell.edu. 

Event Coordinator: Lynn Bliven Host County: Allegany
Location: 8499 Agett Road Franklinville, NY 14737
Event Date Registration Opens Registration Ends Cost: $75.00
June 7, 2016       Add to My Calendar May 18, 2016 June 6, 2016 CLOSED


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